A Brief Respite

14 07 2009

I have marveled several times at just how drastically the standards of living change from a mega-FOB like Liberty to a smaller FOB to one of our small little outposts.  Lately I’ve been staying at a tiny little JSS and after a while it starts to wear on you.   Plywood walls begin closing in on you.  The fact that the AC in your room only cools the room to a barely tolerable 88 degrees and you awake daily to a sweat soaked pillow begins to take its toll.  You start craving some fresh fruit and vegetables, even if it is only apples and iceberg lettuce.  Long days spent manning a hot joint operations center filled with Iraqis chain smoking cheap cigarettes, constantly offering you chai, speaking a tongue you can’t understand and totally violating the American concept of personal space makes you long for a vacation.

As luck would have it my platoon started running short on essential supplies like soap, deodorant, cigarettes and dip so we got sent to a nearby FOB for a couple days of refit.  It is amazing the effect that a couple days of relaxation will have on you.  I slept in a nice cool well air conditioned room for at least 9 hours a night.  I ate meals that included salads, fruits and even once I splurged and savored a bowl of Baskin Robbins Cookies and Cream ice cream.  I worked out in a clean gym that was air conditioned (the gym on my little JSS averages 120 during the days) and had plenty of cardio equipment.  I sipped Cafe Lattes from Green Beans while I read pages out of Orthodoxy.  After two days of living the, relatively speaking, good life on a real FOB I felt thoroughly refreshed and was ready to get back to work.

I guess God had something in mind when he instituted one day of rest every week.  I think after this deployment I will be a bigger fan than ever before of the weekend, and not just because Saturday is the day the Gators play football.




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14 07 2009
David M

The Thunder Run has linked to this post in the blog post From the Front: 07/14/2009 News and Personal dispatches from the front and the home front.

15 07 2009

Glad you go some time at the nearby FOB for rest, recovery and refit! Hope that becomes a regular part of your routine.

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